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by Junko Koshino

Effectively Training with EMS.Personalized Menu to Each User.Full support by Professional trainers.

Design by Koshino Junko

Junko Koshino
why did you name it VOLTGYM?
When I first experienced VOLTGYM, my muscles started to move regardless of my intention, and I felt the direct effect of electricity. Hence, I named it the "VOLT EFFECT."
What were your concepts when designing the logo and clothing?
First, to visualize the power of electricity, we added a design to the letter "V" to create the logo. The V of VOLT is also placed on the signage and uniforms, and we tried to use it to have a launch impact and dynamism.
What are your impressions of VOLTGYM?
What makes VOLTGYM different from others is that I wear an EMS suit, so my muscles are moving not only during exercise but also during intervals. I call it the "VOLT EFFECT," and it seems that a 20-minute lesson is equivalent to 4 hours, which is perfect for people like me who are busy and love efficiency:).



One lesson is 30 minutes,
EMS personal training time is about 20 minutes and only available by appointment.
With personalized training guidance by a dedicated trainer, you will definitely get results.

EMS training


Gain 4 hours of exercise in 20 minutes!
The ultra-efficient EMS training

By training in a special suit that simultaneously stimulates 24 muscle groups (almost all muscles in the body), you can get the same results in just 「20 MINUTES」 as about 3 to 4 hours of training at a regular gym.

Main Effects of EMS Training

  • point1 Improved muscle strength and tone
  • point2 Enhanced muscle movement and sensitivity
  • point3 Decrease in body fat percentage
  • point4 Increase in basal metabolic rate



20 minutes of efficient and effective
state-of-the-art training

The lesson time only cost 20 minutes.
This training is equivalent to about 4 hours of training
at a fitness center, and is expected to burn about 700 Kcal.

Training with EMS Suit

Training with EMS Suit

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.
Training using an EMS suit makes it possible to stimulate motor nerves that are normally difficult to reach.
The effects of EMS include fat burning, increase in basal metabolic rate, detoxification, and improvement of coldness and edema.


Experienced trainers that provide
personalized training guidance for support

Our trainers, who have in-depth knowledge and abundant experience in training, provide personalized guidance to each customer.
Plus, EMS features are utilized to provide guidance so that you can train without worrying.
We analyze your bone structure and body shape to create a customized menu and plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Support with guidance tailored to each individual


30s Woman
before after
  • front photo
  • side photo
  • back photo
40s Men
before after
  • front photo
  • side photo
  • back photo


Enrolled trainers

Manager and EMS Trainer Huma

Manager and EMS Trainer

trainer career
・Personal trainer for 3 years (1 year and 6 months at women-only gym) Sports caree
・Baseball club for 9 years
・Hobby: 6 years of futsal​

・NESTA-PFT (Personal Fitness Trainer)
・Forklift truck driving skills training certificate
・Certified personal trainer of VisionGym

In my previous job, I worked at a gym specializing in women's gyms, and I have been pursuing what makes a woman's body feminine. I have been pursuing what makes a woman's body feminine. Especially, the harder you push your hips, the tighter your hips become and the more you push them. Just by being able to use your hips and stomach on a regular basis, your posture and the shape of your hips will change! The effects of training with EMS are tremendous! I hope you will experience my training!

EMS Trainer Yuki

EMS Trainer

Hello, my name is Yuki!
I love physical exercise, good food, and visiting cafes‼︎
I am studying nutrition.
I feel that diet is very important in bodybuilding.
I will continue to work hard to gain more knowledge and to provide not only training but also nutritional guidance so that we can provide a service that will make everyone happy!

EMS Trainer Sorakiyo

EMS Trainer

I have competed in fitness competitions and lost weight. I would like to use this knowledge to suggest the best diet for each individual client!
Our training style is "hard and fun." We don't want you to be disappointed after each and every training session since you are visiting our gym!
That is why we will guide you through a training program that gives you a strong sense of accomplishment! We look forward to working with you in the future!
Let's aim for your ideal body together!

EMS Trainer Yurie

EMS Trainer

10 years as a practitioner of skeletal correction treatments.
Currently, she is the representative of a private skeletal correction salon.
In addition to treatment, she has experience teaching personal training for core training and myofascial release.
She has also worked as a model and a fitting model for a brand.

Core training and building feminine and supple muscles while building the body is one of her specialties.

EMS Trainer Tatsuya

EMS Trainer

Judo Therapist [Background]
Worked in orthopedic rehabilitation for 5 years
Worked at an osteopathic clinic for 5 years
Soccer trainer for 2 years
[Sports Experience]
National High School Soccer Championship, Final 4
Japan High School Team Selection

I had knee surgery when I was in college and I realized the importance of training and body-building during rehabilitation, so I entered a professional training college and became certified as a judo therapist. I will do my best to support your diet, body make-up, and other goals. I will provide the best training according to your distortion, posture, physical condition of your body, including your lifestyle. I look forward to serving you!


Price Plan


Monthly course 4times a month~
Coupon 30times/60times  

Monthly course
4 times a month~


Limited to 10 People Per Month

Trial Fee FREE
/Membership Fee FREE

Membership Fee


Trial Fee


We also offer coupon tickets.
Please contact us for more details.


Lesson Flow (first visit)


Just bring yourself

Feel free to come empty-handed.
We will provide you with a set of training clothes, protein, towel, etc.

We will provide you with a set of training clothes, protein, towel, etc.


Counseling5~10 minutes

Body composition is measured with a body composition analyzer.
We will inquire about your food environment, exercise habits, lifestyle, goals and objectives, etc.



Get Dress & Training25 min.

First, you will put on the EMS suit in the changing room. (5 min.)
Warming up while having a conversation. (5 min.: You will sweat a little all over your body.)
Next, perform an easy, self-weight training. (10 minutes: start with simple movements without equipment)
Finally, cool down and stretch. (5 minutes)

Warming up


Change your clothes(15 minutes)

Place the used EMS suit in the return box.


Discuss about the next lesson(10 minutes)

We will inquire about your impressions of the training and propose a plan that is most suitable for you.



30s Man

I gained weight with muscle for the first time in my life.

They teach me one-on-one with great care. It is a very nice store.

40s Woman

I sweated a lot in a short time!

I think it is only possible with personal training that they individually tailor the menu according to your physical condition and areas of concern. I feel like I am getting an efficient workout because I am sweating and breathing well in a short time. So, I recommend it not only to those who have a weight goal, but also to those who want to incorporate exercise into their daily routine without any difficulty.

50s Woman

I experienced improvement in my daily life performance!

This is my first personal training session, but each session is short, so I am able to go without any burden. I was aware that I had little muscle mass, but within a month, I could feel that my posture when I walk, the degree to which my legs rise, and my core strength to withstand the shaking when I get on the train have changed, and this has given me the motivation to work hard again. The trainers and the training room are both very pleasant.

40s Woman

Although I'm a quitter, I am able to continue!

I think that only a personal trainer can provide a personalized menu that is tailored to your physical condition and areas of concern. I feel like I am getting an efficient workout because I am sweating and breathing well in a short amount of time. So I recommend it to anyone who has a weight goal and also to those who want to incorporate exercise into their daily routine without any pressure.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMS?
EMS is an electrical impulse (vibration) that delivers a stimulus to a localized area of the body, stimulating muscles and causing physiological contractions.This is the same natural process as the motor nervous system, which is controlled by the brain. The nervous system is actively used during natural muscle contractions, which can result in nervous exhaustion.
What is the main purpose of EMS?
In addition to training exercises, the main purpose of EMS is to strengthen muscles as part of muscle rehabilitation.
- Recover from a muscle injury.
- Strengthening or toning muscles after or during exercise.
- Relieve pain.
- Refresh and relax.
For several years, EMS has been a must for well-known athletes and physical therapists. It has received many accolades for its benefits and excellent results.
Are there any dangerous aspects or after-effects of training?
No, training is not dangerous at all.
Electro-muscular stimulation has been used by chiropractors, physicians, and osteopaths for decades. Its introduction into personal training has only recently begun. The machine itself uses very low voltage electrical impulses.
Are vibrations very dangerous to the nervous system?
No, there is no danger of electrical impulses harming the nervous system.
The use of low frequency impulses (vibration) is widely used in training and rehabilitation therapy, and EMS uses the natural principle of sending electrical impulses directly to the muscles.
Should I avoid EMS training if I have certain health conditions?
Most people can use EMS training, but if you have a health condition that would prevent you from ever participating in sports, you will need to get approval from your doctor.
We are sorry, but we cannot accept clients with the following conditions.
  • Pregnant women
  • Cardiac pacemaker users
  • Persons with severe circulatory and arterial circulatory disorders
Is EMS suitable for training after childbirth?
Yes, it can be done from as little as 6 weeks after delivery.
There are numerous studies that clearly show that EMS trains deep pelvic floor muscles quickly and effectively. This is true and effective for the natural recovery of connective tissue and skin structures that are overstretched during pregnancy.
Can EMS training cause injury?
EMS training is less intense than other traditional training.
By the end of the session, you will need to rest and hydrate, depending on the intensity of your workout. The equipment uses a low impulse frequency, but it is by no means painful, although those who have received and experienced impulses may become a bit accustomed to it.
Can I do nothing and the EMS machine will do everything for me?
The technology alone is not fully effective.
The technology will enhance the effectiveness of the exercises you do, but you must do the exercises to get the benefits. In each session, you will work with our personal trainer on exercises such as press-ups, squats, etc. As you exercise, electrical pulses stimulate your muscles, dramatically improving the efficiency of your exercise routine.
Is there an age limit for EMS training?
The minimum age to use EMS is 16 and there is no upper age limit.
We do sometimes train people in their 90's. Our instructors can adapt the sessions by controlling each muscle group and adjusting the intensity of the training session according to your goals and fitness level.
How long does it take to see the results from EMS training?
Typically, four to six sessions will show visible results.
From your first session, depending on your respective weight and fitness level, it may take a little longer or you may see results in a shorter period of time.
What type of training equipment is used?
The Wireless EMS System is the next generation of EMS technology, launched in Germany in January 2015.
VOLT GYM is the market leader manufacturer of electric muscle stimulators. Our domestically manufactured devices are sold in more than 20 countries and more than 200,000 workouts are performed each month.
How long is a training session?
The optimal training length is approximately 20 minutes.
You will need to change into your suit before the actual training. If you are a beginner, you will spend a total of 30 to 40 minutes, including the time for simple equipment.
How often can I receive training?
It is recommended that you receive training twice a week.
After each training session, the body usually takes approximately 24-36 hours to recover and as a result, we do not recommend more than three sessions per week. You may train three times per week based on your trainer's recommendations as your body adjusts accordingly to your progress.
Are there any risks?
EMS is just one tool for training.Since it is designed to stimulate the muscles, there is basically no danger.The intensity of the electric current during training is set appropriately by the trainer, so you can train safely.
I am not sure if the suit size will fit.
Our EMS suits are available in a wide range of sizes, from slim to large.We have clients ranging from slim people in the 140cm height range to large people in the 180cm height range weighing over 100kg.
How about muscle soreness?
Regardless of EMS, muscle soreness is likely to occur when training is intense, when stretching is performed frequently, or when you are exposed to fresh stimuli that you have never felt before.
If the contraction load from EMS is added to this, the muscle will be stimulated even more strongly, and the surrounding tissues will be more likely to become sore.
Of course, as your body gets used to it, muscle soreness itself will become less likely to occur.
I have a chronic disease.
Basically, we will decide whether training is acceptable or not in accordance with the following (quoted from the Terms and Conditions).
We recommend that those who are concerned about their physical condition, especially those who are currently undergoing treatment for an illness or have a pre-existing medical condition, or those who are taking medication, consult with their doctor before taking the course. Please note that training may be prohibited or restricted depending on your physical condition or health on the day of the training.
The following persons will not be allowed to participate in the training
  1. Persons under 15 years old
  2. Pacemaker users
  3. Pregnant or possibly pregnant women
  4. Having a deep wound or inflammation
  5. Patients with tumors
  6. Patients with circulatory problems
  7. Patients with inguinal hernia
  8. Patients with asthma or anemia
  9. Patients with panic or anxiety disorders
  10. Patients with high blood pressure
  11. Those who have eaten, drank, or consumed alcohol before the lesson.
  12. Other patients whom the trainer deems inappropriate based on the preliminary interview and examination (pulse, blood pressure, etc.)
What are your payment methods?
You can pay the membership fee by credit card (VISA/Master/JCB/AMERICAN EXPRESS/DISCOVER) online at the dedicated website.
Pay Pay is also available in-store for drinks and other products.
Do I need to make a reservation for a trial?
Reservations are required.
Please contact us in advance.
For further information, please contact us from the reservation page on our website.
How can I make reservations for training?
Reservations are required.
After joining the membership, we will prepare a reservation page exclusively for you, so please make reservations from there onward.


Store Information


3-4-17 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
Business hours: 9:00 - 23:00 (last reception time 21:30)
We are open all year round (except for New Year's holidays and summer vacation)

TEL. 080-3517-1054

*Trial and appointment are available only through our website

3 minutes walk from West Exit (Mita Exit) of Tamachi Station on Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line
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